Pastor May cited for acts of contempt, claims bribery

On Aug. 11, Judge Tom Dannheisser issued a supplemental order for attorney’s fees and child support in the case of LuTimothy May versus his former wife, Nicole May.

Last weekend, the order was circulated on social media, and May responded on the eve of the Aug. 18 primary. Read May Order.

We held off reporting on the order. However, we watched the pastor’s video this morning and felt the public needed to understand what the document actually stated.

The 12-page order detailed how LuTimothy had tried to hide his true income and awarded his former wife $59,509 for attorney’s fees and costs and $28,169 to put in their children’s savings accounts.

The judge wrote, “Such fees are awarded based upon both theories of need/ability to pay and as sanctions for the former husband’s repeated acts of contempt and concealment of financial information.”

According to the order, the acts of contempt included:

1. A letter signed by Pollie Rosemore and Latasha Hankins, who worked at Pastor May’s Friendship Missionary Baptist Church, that stated his income from church had been suspended. Rosemore said the letter was prepared by LuTimothy and delivered to her for her signature. Neither she nor Hankins had the authority to suspend the pastor. Rosemore was fired after she gave her deposition. The court found the letter was “obviously a fictional document prepared by the former husband in order to conceal his income.”

2. Pastor May was injured in a car accident in 2018 and awarded a settlement. He claimed he cashed the $300,000 check given to him and used it to pay debts, but he had no record of what he did with the funds. He later presented five repayment letters signed by five men – each was prepared with the same font, style and sign as the earlier letter signed by Hankins and Rosemore. The loans were never listed in any financial affidavits. “The former husband’s testimony about the loans was self-contradictory, contradicted by his own prior affidavits and not credible,” the judge wrote. “The Court can reach no other conclusion than the ‘loans’ and alleged ‘repayments’ were fictitious and not supported by credible evidence.”

3. LuTimothy claimed that he was too injured to work and all his income and ministerial duties had been transferred over to his new wife. The evidence established that he “obviously running the affairs of his church and there was no evidence that a corporate board was independently making any of the alleged decisions.” No evidence or documents were introduced from any medical professional. Judge Dannheisser wrote, “The evidence in this case establishes that the former husband has operated the church and school as his own personal business and has directed actions falsely attributed to others. The Court concludes that the former husband has not experienced any reduction in income, much less, a permanent reduction of income.”

On Monday, LuTimothy defended himself in a video on Facebook, but failed to address the charges of contempt in the order. His attorney, Nicole Ferry, said that the funds her client took out of his children’s savings was his money and that he planned to appeal the order.

“So just to be clear, Tim has paid the child support,” she said. “He is not a deadbeat dad. He takes care of his children.”

Other than replenishing his children’s savings, no additional child support was awarded in the order.

LuTimothy claimed that people circulating the court order had tried to bribe him to get out of the county commission race against his brother.

“Many of those who have put my documents out, these are the same individuals who have offered to give me money and to do things and to try to get me out of the race,” he said. “And because I will stand with integrity, I will stand for our district. I refuse, I refuse bribes. I refuse monies. I refuse positions so that I can properly represent the district without having any strings attached.”

He added, “I am not paying people to endorse me. People who endorsed me, they endorsed me because they believed in the character that I represent. So again, I am thankful for my wife, I am thankful for my attorney who has given me the grip, the best representation into this case.”

He asked the voters of District 3: “I am just telling you, vote your conscience, vote or conviction, but make sure you vote informed, and make sure you are not bullied, and don’t vote on emotionalism. Don’t just vote based on family, vote based on community.”

He lost the primary, garnering only less than 11% of the vote. The lowest percentage of any race with only two candidates.


4 thoughts on “Pastor May cited for acts of contempt, claims bribery

  1. So many of us have been biting our tongues til they bleed on the Lutimothy situation, Alissa Henning. It was so difficult not to speak out watching that roll on. Willie Kirkland is another one putting his toe in that water and seeing how it feels. He ought to be ashamed of himself with the ludicrous “County Blah Blah City Blah Blah Candidates” Facebook forum and how he, and no doubt others in the shadows, were overtly managing it to bias the site for Lutimothy and his train wreck wife and against Lumon and the rest of the family. Hopefully he got his lesson on being used, as well, but then again some people never learn.

    The real devil at the bottom of this is, of course, Doug Underhill–who is conveniently away on his two weeks reserve duty after doing his damn level best to rip the fabrics of our community to shreds, and for no other reason than his personal, sadistic enjoyment.

    Doug knew that Lutimothy didn’t have a chance. (Or Jonathan Owens, for that matter.) He is doing nothing more than trying to put his fellow members through hell because they won’t pay the legal fees for him constantly running his trap and breaking the law with public record.

    Sure, some other big money openly got on the bandwagon once Lutimothy was a thing (and they should be just as ashamed of themselves–all of them–if not more). But those of us who have for years been fighting Doug’s lunatic whims, his destructive narcissism, and his *very* tenuous grasp on reality have tried to warn this community what a problem he is–he is an absolute cancer.

    And bat-sh*t to boot. I always tell people “Look, he has to think up these twisted things before he does them. It’s not the implementation. That’s the easy part. It’s having a mind sick enough to come up with it to begin with.” (And nobody should ever forget Jonathan has been right there as his proud second and the co-author and inspiration for some of his evil West-Side genius. Thank God we dodged that bullet as well.)

    I’d like to say the absurd and twisted idea of Lutimothy running against his own brother was Doug’s crowning evil, but I know him to well for that. He’ll never quit as long as he has access to a sliver of power and a laptop.

  2. In my earlier comments I wrote: “ they both believe they are worthy of purchase” Please replace purchase with WORSHIP! (Darn autocorrect)

  3. I feel sad for the people who are innocent and caught up in his and his wife’s manipulations. I feel sorry for those who blindly supported this man. His wife, her kids and siblings, his son all acted like straight thugs throughout the process. Threatening bodily harm, calling people derogatory names, physically attacking people. They are what they have shown themselves to be: classless! There is no God in them. The people spoke, they didn’t want him! He tried to cheat his way into office with the support of a couple of candidates in other districts. He didn’t have the mental fortitude to understand that he was being used to remove his own brother from the board. He allowed people to speak ill of his own mother! One of his supporter asked this question of Lumon: “aren’t we our brother’s keeper?” How hypocritical when Lutimothy attempted to take HIS BROTHER’s job. He lost several church members after being caught, on video, in a married woman’s house after sex. Interestingly enough, the husband and wife had been counseled by him about their marriage! How disgusting. His wife should be charged with fraud as well. They were made for each other. They both believe they are worthy of purchase, 2 adulterers; 2 thieves; 2 corrupt “pastors”! LuTimothy is the trump of Pensacola. He does all of these evil, unlawful things then fires all those who chose to tell the truth. He’s preached it before so he knows, YOU REAP WHAT YOU’VE SOWN PASSA!

  4. I can’t help but think of Cain and Abel when I see this situation. I have these few words of wisdom on this issue:Worship isn’t just singing songs or reading our Bibles. True worship of God comes from inside our hearts. Abel’s worship came from a pure place of faith. It came from a place of love for God. It came from a place of honesty and truth in his heart. Just giving to God “because we’re supposed to,” doesn’t come from a place of love that comes from fear. Faith is the way to God, and the way to salvation, we are still called to turn that faith into action not by coveting what your brother has or allowing yourself to be used by others whose sole purpose is to harm your own brother. People look to us to be examples of our faith, and when we show bad behavior we give a bad impression of Christians to others. God requires more of those who say they are called by him to lead his sheep. Cain had jealousy and anger in his heart for his own brother and God saw that also. Sometimes when there is nothing left to do we should pray.

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