Two biggest primary losers

Janice Gilley

The Escambia County administrator has disparaged Commissioner Lumon May behind his back, refused or “slow walked” his requests and, at times, openly defied him.

On Thursday, she will face a District 3 commissioner that won his primary with nearly 90% of the vote – the largest primary percentage of any commissioner.

Jeff Bergosh: 39%
Doug Underhill:52%
Lumon May: 89%
Robert Bender:27%
Steven Barry:55%

Commissioner May has been a strong advocate for ECAT workers – Gilley fired the union president.

He pushed for diversity in the small business grant program – Gilley failed to deliver, forcing the commissioner to work out another grant program with the help of Quint Studer.

Commissioner May repeatedly has asked Gilley to test jail prisoners for COVID upon request. Though she promised him and his fellow commissioners she would do it, Gilley hasn’t–only testing 14 inmates since Aug. 10 and six of those were done on Aug. 11.

We don’t know if Gilley has problems taking instructions from a Black person or she was waiting on the primary results and hoping Bergosh and May lost.

Tomorrow will be a new day for Ms. Gilley.

Far-Right Politics – Pseudo-QAnon

Mike Hill was their poster child. In the past, his formula to election was to be pro-life, pro-gun, pro-Confederacy, pro-Trump and anti-LGBTQ. It didn’t matter that he was the most ineffective lawmaker in Tallahassee and couldn’t deliver any funds for much needed projects in his district.

His buddy Cris Dosev tried a similar formula, which it appeared to be working for a time.

Thinking they had won victories on reopening the beaches and preventing a mask mandate, the Qs went after Jeff Bergosh and Lumon May, hoping to elect people more friendly to Commissioner Underhill’s and their agenda.

The Qs went 0-4. Zero, Nada, Zilch…

BTW: The beaches reopened because the hospital executives said it was safe to do so. The face mask mandate has never been voted on by the county commission. Commissioner May failed to get a second each time.


7 thoughts on “Two biggest primary losers

  1. Miss T., Thank you. I don’t see this disgusting truth stated often enough. Anyone doubting this need only to search the statistics.

  2. The medical at the jail doesn’t even respond to prisoners when they require emergency attention. I know someone that was in jail for 3 days (case was dropped) that required daily medication. I guess they have to put a request in over a computer. The inmate did that 3 days in a row and never once got a reply nor their meds. And the meds were in lock up with their personal items!! Do we really think they care about a prisoner with covid??? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Or anything else for that matter? 🤷🏻‍♀️ IMO we need to get rid of the cause for us having to outsource

  3. The only reason the county would not be testing and separating their in-mates is as a deliberate attempt to cause the illness and death of the mass of those incarcerated. Lets just be real about the facts. You are either for containment or against it, either want a healing for this country or you want to use this virus to euthanize a mass group of minority individuals. We need to stop pretending it is anything more than the opportunity to kill black and brown people in mass numbers and the one or two white people who loose their lives is just collateral damage. This is the same thing they want us to do with our babies by forcing them back into the schools that are ill equipped to protect them. Teachers should never be the ones required to sanitize their own work space between classes.

  4. Mrs Gilley said they were following CDC guidelines and testing symptomatic prisoners and those who requested it. It was on a Bergosh Coffee with Commissioner. (prior to the election)
    The Department of Corrections is run by the state and they tested more extensively. Seems to me that will be a valid source to watch as many are in close quarters and monitored. A captive –pun intended — test group –if you will.

    It’s on the Florida Department of Corrections site. It is thought provoking that so many test positive but are asymptomatic in populations like that, that cannot social distance. They’ve been releasing info.

    The BOCC meets at 9AM. There is an item on the agenda that makes me wonder about EMS. I’m not sure but it looks like they are outsourcing.

    I think since the election is over the commissioners may be more candid.

  5. Actually Underhill is 0-5 considering his push to have Megan Walters upseat Steven Barry didn’t work.

    Also, keep in mind, the QAnon followers Doug Underhill used to do his dirty work to get LuTimothy May/Owens/Walters elected, & to have Lumon disqualified, is none other than Alex Arduini & Tori Balough – the same two guys that harassed downtown business owners, to lay groundwork in an attempt to sue for “discrimination” & undermine the city’s mask mandate.

    In the video Alex Arduini is shown walking with Tori Balough during their harassment stunt.

  6. I’m glad you said it because it’s exactly what I thought. Ms. Gilley doesn’t want to answer to a black man. Pensacola is so backward, ass in 2020

  7. The Q results were 5-0:
    Bergosh vs. Owens (Casey actually beat Owens too)
    May vs. May
    Barry vs. Walters
    Salzman vs. Hill
    Andrade vs. Dosev

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