Pay attention Achieve Escambia: Texas school finds more recesses reduce ADD issues [video]

Eagle Mountain Elementary in Fort Worth, Texas has figured out how to increase concentration for learning. The principal and faculty were willing to buck the status quo – which often calls for drugging active, “unruly” children with ADHD medications.

The cafeteria serves higher quality nutritious and organic foods, rather than processed snack foods and fast foods. The teachers give the children more free play, allowing them to play outside more often during the school day.

Classes have ‘unstructured play’ four times a day to break up the physical and mental monotony of the classroom, allowing developing minds and bodies to constructively use their energies, so that their may be more effectively applied in learning.

Escambia County School District needs to research teaching methods that are working in other places. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just find the ones that work for each neighborhood and school. Achieve Escambia should be leading the way.