Pensacola Beach Warrior Hook-Up Weekend starts Aug. 14

From Dave Glassman:

PLEASE INVITE EVERYONE YOU KNOW to come to join AHERO and the Emerald Coast Pixies at the 2014 Custom Moto “Give-Away” display outside the Intermission Bar at this Friday’s Gallery Night and purchase a chance to WIN the Moto ($30,000 value) with 100% of all proceeds going to AHERO Foundation. Can also purchase chances to win at

The current Roster is attached and will finalize the Entertainer Boat Space list tomorrow.

Last planning meeting set for tomorrow night at the Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge at 6:00pm for those who can attend.

Special thanks goes out to all of our individual and business supporters…

Mr. Charlie Switzer, Major Chris Lovell, USMC Ret., Capt Phil Foster USMC, Mr. Mike Ashby, Mr. Norm “Frenchy” LaFountaine, Mr. Mike & Rebecca Lawton, the Cpl J.R. Spears detachment of the Marine Corps League, Pensacola Beach Travelodge, Culinary Productions Inc, Pensacola Beach Elks, Aloha Grill of Gulf Breeze, Intermission Bar, Mr. Kenny Schartel at Affordable Automotive, Northwest Florida Heart Group, Ms. Sheila Bennett and Ms. Wanda Radford.


Schedule of Events

THURSDAY, AUGUST 14 (Arrival Day):
· AHERO representatives arrive in Pensacola

· Hotel Check-in under “AHERO” at the Pensacola Beach Travelodge at 40 Fort Pickens Rd, Pensacola Beach | 850.576.0767

FRIDAY, AUGUST 15 (Fishing Trip & Gallery Night events):
· 5:30am: AHERO reps arrive at The Entertainer marina slip (Pensacola Beach Marina)

· 6:00am: Entertainer departs Pensacola Beach Marina

· 2:30-3:00pm: Entertainer returns to the Pensacola Beach Marina

· 3:30pm: Fish cleaned & prepped for delivery to Elks Lodge

· 6:30pm: Cooler of filets delivered to the Elks Lodge kitchen for overnight storage

· 3:00-5:15pm: AHERO reps post fishing trip recovery time | Hotel

· 5:30pm: Pensacola Beach Bum Trolley pick-up at the Travelodge for transport to Intermission and Gallery Night

· 6:00-10:00pm: Gallery Night, Custom Moto Display & ticket sales

· 10:15pm: AHERO reps depart for the hotel on Pensacola Beach

SATURDAY, AUGUST 16 (Intermission Custom Moto Give-Away & Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge Dinner events)
· 12:30pm: AHERO reps depart Pensacola Beach Travelodge for Intermission

· 1:00pm: AHERO Reps arrive at the Intermission Parking for BBQ | Moto Give-Away

· 2:00pm: Custom Moto Winner is chosen

· 2:30pm: AHERO reps return to Hotel on Pensacola Beach

· 2:45pm-5:15pm: AHERO rep Executive time

· 5:30-6:30pm: Pensacola Beach Elks Lodge Meet|Greet

· 6:30-7:00pm: AHERO Programming

· 7:00-9:00pm: Dinner

· 9:30pm: Live music @ Bamboo Willies on the Pensacola Beach boardwalk

SUNDAY, AUGUST 17 (Departure Day)
· Transportation to Pensacola International Airport: TBD

· Departure Flight time(s): TBD