Pensacola City Council 2009-2010

This council is shaping up to be a strong one – one that will be open to new ideas and change. We could have three to five new voices. Definitely will have a more feminine touch. Nobles was a dominate voice. It will be interesting to see who rises up. Not having him on the council will make it easier for Wiggins to take a stronger leadership role.

Mayor Mike Wiggins
At-Large 8: Diane Mack
At-Large 9: Megan Pratt

Dist. 1: P.C. Wu
Dist. 2: Sam Hall
Dist. 3: Maren DeWeese
Dist. 4: Larry Johnson or Marty Donovan
Dist. 5: John Jerralds
Dist. 6: Jewel Cannada-Wynn
Dist. 7: Ronald Townsend or Jacci Shumaker

Replacing Marty Donovan will be the last big step towards turning the city around. His negativity will hurt the new board. Don’t expect Donovan to drop out and be as gracious as Nobles, even though the incumbent only got 37 percent of the general election vote. Donovan has little else to do.