Pensacola Climate Strike releases list of speakers and performers

PENSACOLA—Join 350 Pensacola and millions around the world for a global climate strike. On September 20, people will walk out of school, work, and home to join young climate strikers demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels and action on climate change.

Inspired by our youth but including all ages, we will gather for music and inspiring words from local climate leaders.

Speakers include:

Jett Zhang, high school student and director 350 Pensacola Youth Climate Coalition
Paige Plier, environmental scientist and activist
Jenna Throckmorton, FL Climate Pledge
Oliver Chamblin, Our Children’s Trust (entity suing state govt. for failing to act on climate change)
Sandra Adams, 350 Pensacola

Music performers include Brynne Heatley, who makes her songs into mantras of “soul-medicine” for all people to sing in their own voice in their own way. Local folk musician Mike Potters will join-in, with a Pete Seeger-style performance.

The event is part of a regular series of events and presentations on climate change and related issues sponsored by 350 Pensacola. Healthy Gulf is assisting this event. For more information:

What: Pensacola Climate Strike

Where: Plaza de Luna, 900 S. Palafox

When: 4-6 p.m. Friday, Sept. 20