Pensacola Mayoral Candidate Forum on June 30

Bike Pensacola is hosting a mayoral candidates’ forum at 4:30 p.m. Saturday, June 30 at the West Florida Public Library, 239 N. Spring St.

“We’ll start by allowing each candidate to provide some general information about their candidacy,” said Christian Wagley. “After that, all questions will focus on candidate’s views about making Pensacola safer and more pleasant for walking and bicycling. Candidates are invited to join us for the monthly Slow Ride, which follows the forum at 6 p.m.”

For much more information about the forum please visit Bike Pensacola on Facebook or email


2 thoughts on “Pensacola Mayoral Candidate Forum on June 30

  1. Broke!!!!!!! C J, check out Barkers second quarter unaudited report pg 45. This is cash money the city has. It has doubled since 2011. It is now $162 million. You will not find this money listed in the city’s CAFR report. “The independent audit” is a joke. This is why they always have money when they need it. I would be willing to say only half of the council knows about this money. I’m sure Dick probably does not mention it to council in his report to them. And they probably don’t read that far.

  2. A minimum of one bike rack in every city park would be a good start in the right direction. More if the park is larger. Each time I have asked for two bike racks for five-acre Eastgate Park across the street from my home, one for near the basketball court and one near the children’s play set, I have politely been told that the city is “broke.” It is not broke.

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