Please help daily…you can report for them


Today the daily will accept news stories from the public. According to yesterday’s column by the executive editor Dick Schneider:

Each day, we’ll have information on how you, too, can be the eyes and ears of our community. We’ll provide a simple online access point and you can send us anything, from road closings to restaurant openings. If you see an accident, let us know. We might put it online. We might put it in print, on this new page. Or both. And if you want your name attached, we can do that, too.

To add your stories you log on at pnj.com/newsy or email the two reporters assigned to the new “Newsy Neighbors” section: Sdugas@pnj.com or Clittledale@pnj.com.
You have my permission to email our Escambia County firefighters story (Burning Down The House ); ECSO strong-arm collections story (Are You Immune To Arrest? ); and the human trafficking investigation (Shauna’s Story of Slavery )

In fact, you can send them anything posted to this blog. Don’t email them the stuff I wrote over the weekend about Joe Scarborough or Sopranos. They already used it for today’s front page.