PNJ Sunday Paper Review


Woke up early with too much time on hands:

At the crossroads – Washington bureau chief Larry Wheeler writes of the gov’t red tape involved in rebuilding a two-lane road from Pensacola Beach to Navarre Beach. Apparently it’s easier to build a road in Iraq. Wheeler is a good reporter.

Residents are pitching in – When the county spends hundreds of thousands to clean up your neighborhood then it may be a good time to mow your own lawn.

Milton gets in the Mardi Gras moodWhat’s a Mardi Gras throw in Milton? A bag of pork rinds?

Richard A. Schneider, Executive editor/director of content and readership, column: Knowing what readers want makes good paper: Will somebody at the PNJ please take this guy around town so he write about something we care about? O’Brien, please, at least, let him walk with you over to the Blanchard Judical Center.

I think, I can speak for the majority of Pensacola – we really don’t want to read every Sunday about why we should think the daily newspaper is relevant. Tell us what you think about Operation Brownsville, the local Literacy rate, House District 3 race….or just stick in another ad.