Poll: 42% of Floridians less likely to evacuate due to COVID-19

Floridians are increasingly concerned about the 2020 Hurricane Season and the coronavirus is one of the reasons why.

According to a AAA survey – fielded last week – nearly a third (31%) of Floridians are more concerned about the 2020 Hurricane Season than they were last year. Two-of-five people (42%) say they are less likely to evacuate for a storm this year for fear of contracting the coronavirus. In fact, more than a quarter of residents (29%) say they would not leave their homes if they were warned to evacuate.

FEMA advice for preparing for Hurricane Season during the COVID-19 Pandemic

“The coronavirus just complicates matters even more for those preparing for what is forecast to be an active hurricane season,” said Mark Jenkins, spokesman, AAA – The Auto Club Group. “AAA urges families to develop an emergency plan now. Your plan should include several evacuation destinations, in case a shelter or hotel is closed due to the pandemic. Also be sure to utilize the 7-day tax free holiday to assemble a supply kit. This year’s kits should include cleaning supplies, to provide peace-of-mind for evacuees.”

Coronavirus aside, residents’ decision to evacuate often depends on the severity of the storm. Of those who would evacuate, four-of-five people (80%) would leave for a Category 2 hurricane or greater.

What Category Hurricane Would Floridians Evacuate For?

Category 1

74-95 mph winds


Category 2

96-110 mph winds


Category 3

111-129 mph winds


Category 4

130-156 mph winds


Category 5

>= 157 mph winds


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