Poll: African American views on COVID-19

Inweekly has heard from medical professionals concern about low numbers of the African American community in Escambia County taking advantage of the drive-thru and standalone testing sites for the COVID-19 virus.  We had Political Matrix poll of 617 African American voters in the county last Friday to find out their opinions on the virus, testing and social distancing.

The survey found 73.3% had not been tested for Covid 19 and out of those not tested, only 39.6% would like to be.

Have you been tested for the coronavirus?

Responses: 617 Total %
Yes 165 26.7%
No 452 73.3%

If no, would you like to be tested for Covid 19?

Responses: 452 Total %
Yes 179 39.6%
No 273 60.4%

Then, we asked those who hadn’t been test why.  We found 43.8% were either not concerned about COVID-19 (12.4%) or believed they weren’t at risk (31.4%). We found another 45.2% had concerns about the screening process (21.7%) or the testing site (23.5%).

Why have you not been tested yet? Your choices are, I am not concerned, the screening process is difficult or a problem, the location of testing sites and their hours, or do not think I am at risk.

Responses: 452 Total %
I am not concerned
56 12.4%
Screening concerns 98 21.7%
Testing site concerns 106 23.5%
Don’t think I am risk 142 31.4%
Something else 50 11.1%

We also asked those who hadn’t been tested did they know the locations and hours of the testing sites. Nearly two-thirds did not.

Responses: 452 Total %
Yes 161 35.6%
No 291 64.4%

We asked all the respondents if they knew someone who has been infected or hospitalized as the result of COVID-19. One out of five said they did.

Responses: 617 Total %
Yes 133 21.5%
No 484 78.5%

The vast majority said they were practicing social distancing.

Are you practicing social distancing as a method of not being infected with Coronavirus Covid 19?

Responses: 617 Total %
Yes 531 86.1%
No 86 13.9%

The persons sampled were African American voters Escambia County District 2 and 3.The voters called had cell phones and landlines and were called using an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system during the hours of 5-8 p.m. on April 17, 2020. The Margin of Error for this study is +/ 2.5% with a confidence level of 95%.