Poll: City voters satisfied with council’s performance

Over the weekend, Inweekly hired Political Matrix to conduct a poll to see how satisfied city voters are with the performance of the Pensacola City Council.

Of the 579 likely city voters polled, we found nearly three-fourths, 73 percent, were satisfied to extremely satisfied with the council’s performance so far this year.

The breakdown was 41 percent satisfied, 16 percent very satisfied and 16 percent extremely satisfied. Only 10 percent were extremely unsatisfied.

Responses: 579TotalOverall %
Extremely satisfied9215.9
Very satisfied9115.7
Very unsatisfied10518.1
Extremely unsatisfied569.7

Two years ago, the Pensacola Young Professional’s Quality of Life survey found only at about a third of the city residents polled, 35 percent, gave the city council a positive rating.

The turnaround appears to be due to the openness, sense of collegiality and professionalism that Mayor Grover Robinson has brought to city hall, as while as the addition of two new council members, Jared Moore and Ann Hill.

Moore (D4) had the lowest percentage of voters unsatisfied with his performance, 22.7 percent, followed by Terhaar (D3) with 24.4 percent and Hill (D6) with 25.5 percent.

P.C. Wu (D1)–where residents have been upset about the city building a soccer complex at Hitzman Park – had the highest percentage of unsatisfied voters, 36.1 percent.

Responses by District

Responses: 5791234567
Extremely satisfied13.312.912.211.419.319.421.7
Very satisfied16.99.717.118.216.916.313.3
Very unsatisfied26.516.119.517.015.716.315.7
Extremely unsatisfied9.612.94.95.712.09.214.5