Poll: Voters disagree with DeSantis on face masks

In a recent Political Matrix/Listener Group poll of 1,222 likely Florida voters over the age of 45, a vast majority, regardless of their age, gender, or location, oppose Gov. Ron DeSantis punishing school districts that implement face mask mandates. They want masks in schools. They also want more workers to get vaccinated, especially health care workers and teachers. Read poll.

Do you think Governor Ron DeSantis should withhold funding from school districts that make face masks mandatory?

YES 358 29.30%
NO 864 70.70%

Do you think masks should be mandatory in your local school system?

YES 910 74.50%
NO 312 25.50%

Do you think the choice of making a mask mandatory or not should be made from officials in Tallahassee or from your local school board officials?

Tallahassee 281 23.00%
Local 800 65.50%
Need more info 141 11.50%

Now regarding vaccines, do you agree with mandatory vaccinations for Covid 19?

YES 923 75.50%
NO 299 24.50%

Do you think all health care workers should have to be vaccinated?

YES 1007 82.40%
NO 215 17.60%

Do you think all teachers should have to be vaccinated?

YES 954 78.10%
NO 268 21.90%

In the everyday workforce, do you think an employer should mandate you get vaccinated as a condition of your employment?

YES 848 69.40%
NO 374 30.60%

4 thoughts on “Poll: Voters disagree with DeSantis on face masks

  1. I also just watched a video DeSantis made in Panama City and the monoclonal antibody treatments he is opening and making available. They look great if someone gets COVID, but they can also be vaccinated and receive it if necessary. I don’t have the video linked but he did state yet again his positions on masks, He made a few statement about Florida Law and Biden stepping in was not lawful, I’m certainly no expect but enjoy learning so I did a little research on the law. This link covers vaccine, not masks. I would have no problem with a vaccine mandate personally. I believe protecting the public health is a duty. It looks like it could come from the state but the legislature may have to have a hand in it, it could come from the Federal level or from Congress. I also wish people would just do the right thing. The vaccine hesitant and resistant have really puzzled me as well as people’s impulse to not wear a mask. I watched other people commented about DeSantis on a blog, they still think he’s the greatest. I tried to talk to some but they are a brick wall about mandates and vaccines. If we had been like this we’d still have polio and smallbox and never won WWII. Right now I’m taking it a day at the time. https://crsreports.congress.gov/product/pdf/R/R46745 I believe he could mandate the vaccine and masks.

  2. I read his comments to CBS. He doesn’t understand that even if people get the vaccines and have immunity to a point, they can still get the virus if they come in contact with it again. It is still in the nasal passages and can be spread. Some one really needs to explain that to him.
    I’ve come up against this and some people simply do not understand the differences.

    He made a mistake with his executive order and should rescind it, hopefully on his own, without the courts.

    Does anyone actually have his ear– that can talk to him directly and not put him on the defense?

  3. 1,222 likely Florida voters over the age of 45

    Did Florida change its voting rules to only allow those over 45 to vote?

  4. Deathsantis is going to turn Florida blue. He’s made the Republican Party look like a bunch of homicidal psychopaths. If the local Republican elected officials don’t start standing up against his killing spree they don’t deserve their positions either.

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