Real News line-up for Wednesday, Sept. 15

We have a full slate of guests today. We will open with Jim Ryan from ABC News on rising Covid cases and death among children. He will be followed by Cris Dosev who will talk about the proposed monument and plaza honoring Gen. Chappie James.

There have been new developments in the class-action lawsuit against Skanska. Aylstock Witkin partner Sam Geisler will fill us in on what’s happening.

At 8 a.m. my guest will be Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried. We will discuss her bid to win the Democratic nomination for governor.

Then we will wrap up the show with Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh, and  he will talk about yesterday’s Committee of the Whole discussion on redistricting – the “Battle for Perdido Key.”

The fun starts at 7:02 a.m.


1 thought on “Real News line-up for Wednesday, Sept. 15

  1. “Battle for Perdido Key.” I have a better idea than the new Bergosh/Campbell/Adams’ power grab. The county’s District 2 should include all of the coastal parts of the county. Right now, District 4 is split in half by the City of Gulf Breeze in Santa Rosa County. How crazy is that? It is physically impossible for Pensacola Beach to ever be “contiguous” to the City of Pensacola. However, Pensacola Beach is contiguous to the current District 2. The distance from Fort Pickens (in the current District 4) to Fort McPhee (in the current District 2) is only a few thousand feet of water. Two sections of land connected by a common body of water are contiguous. Making Pensacola Beach part of the current District 2 makes a lot of sense. The other problem is that the City of Pensacola is now gerrymandered among Districts 2, 3 and 4. It should “all” be in one district. However the new district lines shake out, Commissioner Lumon May (District 3 a non-city resident from childhood until 2018) or Commissioner Robert Bender (currently in District 4) could buy new homes. May already has multiple homes so it would be easier for him to move back into the home he maintained as his homestead property for decades until 2017. Barry and Underhill (who is not running for reelection) have no dog in either of the fights described above. They need to get one more vote maybe Bender’s to make things right.

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