Real News podcasts: Tuesday, Sept. 28

A fun show today:

The Many Saints of Newark” debuts this week – which gives us a perfect time to remember the award-winning series “The Sopranos.”

Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh talks about the resolution of the cases of former interim EMS manager Leon Salter and former EMS head of administration Katherine Kenney. He also addresses the concerns about the delays in ambulances arriving on the scene.

ABC News White House Correspondent Karen Travers previews this week’s vote on President Biden’s infrastructure bill.

Tina Henson, director of our Pensacola Bay Area Walk to End Alzheimer’s discusses the event that will take place this Sunday, Oct. 3


2 thoughts on “Real News podcasts: Tuesday, Sept. 28

  1. One of the five EMT’s that was targeted and retired is issuing public statements on Escambia Citizen Watch facebook. She might like to tell her story in a largeraudience with someone who doesn’t mute her or kick her off again.. like the administrator of that group did last night. Retired Paramedic seems to be accepting PM’s on facebook.
    You don’t have to publish this but if you want to get the story, there is a tip. I hope you take it.

  2. Interesting Jeff Bergosh Podcast.
    You asked what did Maygarden and Gilley miss?
    “Evidence may have been manufactured”

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