Real News with Delarian Wiggins

District 7 City Councilman Delarian Wiggins discusses the stormwater issues impacting Bruce Beach and what may happen on the Baptist Hospital campus on Moreno Street.


1 thought on “Real News with Delarian Wiggins

  1. It is not just the pipes. Two areas that have hot spots is on properties that hold water after a rain storms.
    Sewage overflows in the Tanyard Commuity has been going on for years!
    Lois Benson in several emails replying to me said the sewage overflows “is a serious problem, and we have not given it the focus it needs.”
    Six plus years I’ve been posting these SSO with pictures of raw sewage, condoms, feminine products, toliet paper, etc.
    Several organizations are responsible for this report. It was a great team effort.
    Now, let’s not kick the can down the road and get to work BEFORE we get a storm making the toxic issue worse. This is an environmental health issue with potential severe health issues.

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