Reynolds gets council approval for manager of Michigan city

reynolds, 3:12
Former Pensacola City Administrator Bill Reynolds received a 5-0 vote from the Petroskey City Council to be their new city manager. According to the Petroskey News, the decision followed interviews with Reynolds and three other candidates.

Petoskey is a town on Lake Michigan with a population about the size of Gulf Breeze. According to its website, the City contains 3,334 residential, 586 commercial, 405 personal and 11 industrial classified properties. Approximately one-quarter of the City’s territory is tax-exempt. Its population by the 2010 Federal census was 5,670, and currently there are 4,795 registered voters in the City.

Reynolds is listed as the owner/lead consultant at Pensacola, Florida-based WHR Professional Service Solutions, a strategic operations consulting firm focused on helping organizations improve their internal operations.

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