Robertson files ethics complaint against Underhill

Note: We’ve been notified that the complainant is not prohibited from disclosing the complaint so we reposted the earlier post. 

Former Escambia County Commissioner Wilson Robertson today has filed an ethics complaint against County Commission Chairman Doug Underhill over the chairman establishing a legal defense fund.

From the complaint:

“Commissioner Douglas Underhill, who is a sitting commissioner in Escambia County filed to run for reelection, asked the Commission to reimburse him for over $7,000 in legal fees to defend a lawsuit that was filed before he was elected. It was for a personal action, and the board voted it down.

He also asked for the County to approve an advance of $10,000 to defend another personal lawsuit that was filed this year for an action that occurred before he was elected. The board was advised by the County attorney and the Clerk’s office that it might be illegal. The board voted to send the request to the Attorney General for an opinion.

Now he is setting up a legal defense fund to ask for donations (gifts) from the same constituents he is currently serving and is also seeking campaign contributions from these same constituents

Is this ethical?”

Stay tuned.

Point of Clarification: The lawsuit was filed in April 2015, five months after Commissioner Underhill took office. See more.


1 thought on “Robertson files ethics complaint against Underhill

  1. I TOTALLY agree with Robertson. I cannot see a way that this does not stink of pay for play. I cannot see how this does not open the door to future abuse. I do not see a path whereby this goes well for integrity in Government. This is simply a slush fund to pay for Underhill’s MANY now lawsuits. Every day he is starting to sound more like Bill and Hillary Clinton, they are picking on me, right wing conspiracy, etc.

    What this will turn into is a Underhill version of the Clinton Foundation whereby donors can deposit their money for favors to pay for Underhill’s legal woes. Then I can see the abuse from there….. here Mr. Attorney is 20,000 to put in trust for expenses. When the case is done is that money returned back to the donor? The Fund? OR, does the attorney write Mr. Underhill a check for the balance. That is yet 1 example of who knows!

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