Rubio: FBI email investigation should impact president race

“How could you possibly elect someone as President who’s under FBI investigation?” asked Sen. Marco Rubio in phone interview this morning.

“For example, what if she’s indicted in March or in April for her role in this? What if we learn in March or in April that, in fact, she broke the law? You know the trauma that would put our country in to have a President under indictment and the impact it would have on the ability to get anything done for our country?”

He believes the investigation should impact the presidential race.

“There’s just too many questions about her at this point, and it just seems like every week, there’s something else that comes out,” said Rubio. “I hope it’s having an impact because no matter how you may feel about specific policies, we can’t have a President who is elected under the cloud of a very serious FBI investigation.”

Listen to the entire interview this afternoon on New Talk 1370 WCOA’s “Pensacola Speaks.”