Saturday COVID update

Florida now as 414,511 COVID cases and 5,777 deaths. Escambia has 170 new cases, bringing its total to 6,854.  Of the new cases, 21 are associated with nursing homes  – total 543. A week ago, we had 449 cases in nursing homes.

Hospitalizations increased by 11 to 331. A week ago, we had 257.

The median age of the July 24 cases in Escambia is 44; positivity rate 9% on 1,760 test results – the lowest daily positivity rate since June 24.

Inweekly received news that another ECAT driver has tested positive for COVID.

as of July 25 7/22/20 7/23/20 Increase
Total Cases        402,312    414,511     12,199
Fla Residents        397,470    409,585     12,115
Non-Fla.            4,842        4,926            84
Deaths Per DOH            5,653        5,777          124
Escambia            6,684        6,854          170
Okaloosa            2,202        2,275            73
Santa Rosa            2,288        2,365            77




6 thoughts on “Saturday COVID update

  1. Melissa, my post was in response to Rick providing the total number of deaths related to this virus. It’s always good to provide perspective when proving data, which was the purpose of my post. Also, once again I am not ignoring or denying that the virus exists, that people have died, nor that some people have developed serious symptoms/health issues.

    My contention has been, and continues to be, that the risk posed by this virus does not constitute shutting down our economy and society, which is causing significant permanent damage to our community and country.

  2. Steve, you seem like a nice person, which is why I cannot figure out why you keep ignoring, in such an insensitive fashion, the horrific suffering even people who manage to come through it experience, and the long term and even permanent damage to their health.

    –Long haulers, young people who cannot kick it and suffer for weeks on end, months on end. Here is just one support page for it. I can’t bring myself to spend too much time there. When I read “I wish it would just kill me” it reminds me too much of the years-long suffering from my lyme disease.

    –Lung scarring in children:

    –CDC releases information on the potential long-term effects:

    As important as the death rate is (and who knows how really high it is, given the crap data that DeSantis and DOH are putting out), this conversation has got to turn now to the crushing impact this disease will have on people’s health.

    Having gone through the agony of lyme and coinfections for years on end, it is very difficult for me to see the constant push towards just focusing on death percentages. All I’ll say is that for anyone who continues to do so, I so hope–and I really mean this–that karma isn’t the thing that comes around to change your mind.

  3. While those deaths are tragic, that is only 0.04% of the entire U.S. poulation. For this we have shut down society, severely damaged our economy and added another 3+billion to the national debt.

  4. Florida now has more cases of covid than New York State, only California has more. I guess we’re striving to be number one!

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