Seville Quarter patriarch warns about food truck ordinance

foodtruck01x300A lunch with attorney Wilmer Mitchell, president of Seville Quarter, is never brief, but always informative. Today he wanted to talk about the proposed food truck ordinance that is coming before the Pensacola City Council this week for second reading and final approval.

On Sunday, the News Journal published his viewpoint on the topic- “Food Trucks: Use Caution.”

He is concerned that the only city blocks where food trucks will prohibited are Palafox south of Garden Street to Pensacola Bay. Al Fresco, Ruby Slipper, Jaco’s and the restaurants along Palafox Place are given preferential treatment, while others, such as Iron on North Palafox, could have food trucks outside their doors.

The average city parallel parking space is 18 feet long. The average food truck is 24-26 feet –so they will take up two spaces that would ordinarily be available for customers in nearby restaurants.

Food trucks provide few jobs and pay little taxes, especially when compared to standing restaurants.

Read the full viewpoint that Mitchell provided the daily newspaper:WMitchell