SOC mentality is back


The same “Do Nothing” crowd that worked under the “Save Our City” mantle is back. They predictably don’t like the Access Escambia referendum.

They picked up support from conservatives who oppose additional taxes on principle and who oppose social services (corporate tax breaks and war appropriations are okay).

SOC picked apart details of the park and had no alternative plan. DNC (Do Nothing Crowd) admit there is a problem but offer no solutions.

SOC claimed there were better plans, better developers. DNC say they are better ways to do this – cut other county programs, get the federal or state government to fund it, tell the uninsured to work harder and spend their money better – but no real action plan is offered.

SOC wanted all Studer’s financials and exact plans for the park. DNC are upset Access Escambia can’t give exact plans either. Both referendums depend on boards working out the details and implementation.

SOC used an outdated report from the Brookings Institute to “prove” baseball parks are failures…ignoring the data from minor league parks around the country. DNC use the statewide Tennessee health plan (Tenncare) as proof this won’t work. TennCare was designed to replace Medicaid, not a plan for the uninsured. It covers 1.2 million people. It is in no way like the Access Escambia plan.

SOC see the park as a giveaway to a millionaire that only benefits him. DNC sees the health plan as a giveaway to the working poor that only benefits the hospitals.

SOC refused to see the need to have a vibrant downtown to revitalize the local economy. DNC refuse to see how the poor overall health of this county hurts its economy.

Once again the area is faced with doing nothing or taking action. We do nothing – people get sick and die – hospital emergency rooms overflow – and the economy suffers as business lose workers because they become sicker than they should and can’t work….and major employers shy away from the area – looking for healthier places to work and better employees to hire.

Or we take action and create this fund to help. It won’t solve the problem but it will help improve the health outcomes. We can exercise sufficient public pressure to insure that they fulfill their mission.