Tax Revolt


The Sarasota News Herald takes a different view of the special tax session than the Pensacola daily newspaper. There are some upset people in South Florida.

Tax package offers little for landlords

Real estate experts say the reform gives snowbirds and others little incentive to stay.

The University of Florida land economist (Grant Thrall) says Florida’s real estate market is not going to receive anything approaching the jolt it needs to recover from its depressed state.

• Revolt in the air over tax reform

Throughout the state, grass-roots groups and elected county property appraisers are girding for war. They are adamant about bypassing the Legislature and putting their own reforms before voters through petitions.

• Plan for tax relief reform has many enemies, but who will be for it?

Though it sailed through the Legislature this week, a key part of the property tax reform plan has only tepid support even among some of the legislators who voted for it, including Bradenton Sen. Mike Bennett.

• Non-homesteaders bear the brunt of tax reform

While lawmakers were slapping one another on the back in Tallahassee on Thursday, pleased with the property tax reform they had wrought, the bill does next to nothing for those who are already carrying the biggest property tax loads in the state: landlords, business owners and snowbirds, those players say.

The News Journal devoted a tons of ink to the issue before the session, but appears to have completely dropped the ball after the vote.