From a reader:

I agree wholeheartedly with your article (Outtakes 12.7 ) about the “lesser” player being given a chance to perform by the “greater” coach. I have seen my three sons being coached over the years by those greater coaches who try to get everyone in the game when the score allows it. Sometimes, my sons have been the lesser player waiting for a chance, sometimes they have been the starter who plays for most of the game.

I have sat in the stands and admired those coaches who try to work everyone in without sacrificing the goal of winning the game. Or, if the goal of winning is beyond reach in a certain game, have gone ahead and played the reserves to give them a taste of playing in a game and seeing what they can do. And, I have sat in the stands and seethed when one of my son’s teams is falling way behind and the opposing coach re-inserts his starters to take advantage of the mercy rule and shorten the game rather than letting his own reserves play after all those hours of practice.

I hope your article opens the eyes of some coaches who myopically only look at the scoreboard during a game rather than behind them at the bench to see who should have some well deserved playing time.

Play on! Charlie