screamLet’s assume, as the daily newspaper has, that Escambia County and Pensacola have the reserves and/or revenue sources to pay a significant portion of the $115 million to move the Main St. plant.

Just because relocating the plant is the biggest issue for ECUA – doesn’t mean it is for county and city government. If both are expected to fork over $40 millon each, is that the best use of the $80 million for a community with so many needs?

What about health care? We have over 30,000 uninsured working poor. Our health statistics are horrid. Eighty million could put quite a dent in that problem.

What about affordable housing and housing for the poor?

What about our public library? Illiteracy is a major barrier to success. Again $80M would make a huge difference.

Money the County and City put into moving the Main St. Plant is money that can’t be spent on other needs.

ECUA should pay for its own problems. Let county and city government pay for its.