St. John’s Cemetery open to taking Confederate monument

Attorney Eric Stevenson said the St. John’s Cemetery, Inc. is open to hosting the ‘Our Confederate Dead’ monument that Mayor Ashton Hayward has said he wants removed from city property.

“I’m on the board at St. John’s Cemetery,” Stevenson told Inweekly. “We have room and will take the statue. We have Confederate soldiers and officers, including a general, buried there.”

He said the the board president is reaching out to Mayor Hayward.

The general was CSA Brig. General William Miller.  Miller fought under Gen. Zachary Taylor in the Mexican-American war and then settled near Pensacola and a sawmill in Santa Rosa County. His first Confederate command was as a major in charge of six companies that became part of the First Florida Infantry. That unit fought at Shiloh and was part of Gen. Bragg’s Kentucky Invasion. Seriously wounded at Murfreesboro, Miller subsequently was made commandant of conscripts for Florida. Promoted to brigadier general Aug. 2, 1864. After the war, Miller moved to Washington County, Florida, and returned to the lumber business. Miller served one term in the Florida House, being elected in 1885. He was elected to the state senate in 1886 and in 1903. He died in Point Washington, Florida, Aug. 8, 1909.

Also Florida Gov. Edward Aylsworth Perry was also a CSA Brigadier General.

Here is the list of Confederate soldiers buried in St. John’s:

Abbott, Rev. J. A.
Aiken, Isaac Means, Capt.
Anderson, William E.
Armstrong, Waddy Thompson
Bingham, Amos Reed
Bonifay, Eugene C.
Burke, Charles J.
Carr, William W.
Cary, Sr., Richard Miles
Caulkins, Alanson N. A.
Chestnut, James Gibson
Childerson, Thomas J.
Clarke, James Baber
Clifford, Samuel Lawrence Capt.
Clubbs, Alexander V.
Cook, Nathan Burrell
Cooper, George Terry
Cope, Edward
Cope, James T.
Cravey, J. Z. MD
Cronise, Charles Theodore
Cushman, H.C.
Daniels, John Shelman
Davis, Thomas Jefferson Rev.
Enyart, Milford
Eubanks, James N.
Flowers, H.C.
Frater, John W.
French, Samuel G.
French, Samuel Gibbs
Gingles, James Washington
Goulding, Frank Ross
Grant, William W.
Griffin, Ethan Allen
Hardy, George Carlton
Hatch, L. D.
Hutchinson, Thomas W. Jr.
Hutchinson, Thomas Walton
Hutchinson, William H.
Jones, Allen Robinson
Jones, Boykin
Jones, Lazarus Alpheus
Lyle, Jno A., Srgt.
Maclean, William Duncan
Mancill, John E.
McDavid, Richard Marion
McGaughy, John R.
Merritt, Lucius M.
Miller, H.H.
Miller, William Brig Gen
Moreno, J.N.
Morey, Thomas E.
Pate, Robert F.
Pebley, Jeremiah C.
Perry, Edward Aylsworth
Pierce, Henry Duane
Pou, Lewis A. Capt.
Powell, Elijah
Reese, George
Roberts, James B.
Roberts, Thomas Jefferson
Runyan, William Bell
Scholl, James L. Sr,
Sellers, Louis Henry
Sikes, Benjamin F.
Sneed, Cicero Holt
Stone, Joseph T.
Stuckey, Augustus
Thompson, Charles V.
Turner, Richard Hill
Villar, Augustine
Waddell, Rev. George
Wentworth, James H. Rev
White, Henry C., Sr.
White, Lucius C.
Williams, Charles M.
Wills, Charles William
Wolfe, J. Dennis Capt.
Woodford, William F., Sgt.
Wright, Henry Thomas



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  1. I totally agree, bury the statue with the rest of the soldiers, do not erect it ( standing up, but under six feet of dirty) Here we go again, placing a symbol in an residential area where most, of if not all, are decedents of salves.

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