State college presidents ask Scott to veto education budget [podcast]

Dr. Ed Meadows, president of Pensacola State College, believes the education budget passed by the Florida Legislature increases funding for the elite universities on the backs of the state colleges. Earlier this week, Meadows appeared before the State Board of Education and pointed out the state colleges would have their funding cut by nearly $30 million, even though they handle more than 800,000 students while the universities have about 350,000 students and receive the bulk of the funding in the budget next year.

He and his fellow college presidents want Gov. Rick Scott to veto the education bill on his desk.

“As the chair of the Council of Presidents, I have issued a call to action to all 27 of the presidents, and their boards of trustees, to implore the governor to veto the touch in our budget,” Meadows said Thursday on “Pensacola Speaks. “We are contacting Rick Scott through so any alumni out there, or any supporters, that wish to express their views to Rick Scott about in favor of vetoing the budget cuts to our system, they can send him a quick email.”

The Florida School Boards Association also asked Gov. Scott on Thursday to veto the education bill, which only increases the K-12 funding about a third of one percent.