Sugar, Spice and more update

reading-the-newspaperSpice: News reports have confirmed that Ben Galecki and Burton Ritchie were picked up by the U.S. Marshals for a federal grand jury indictment along with 10 other individuals for allegedly participating in a multi-state synthetic-marijuana distribution ring.

Their attorney, David L. McGee of Beggs and Lane, told the PNJ that he believes his clients will win their cases. He said in 2012 that they invited the DEA to test their inventory to make sure it had no banned chemical components, and agents found nothing wrong.

Galecki is the CEO of Pensacon, LLC. Mike Ensley, the only other managing member of the LLC, told the daily newspaper that Galecki’s legal issues predated the popular convention and will have no impact on the Pensacon 2016.

However, Galecki did have a high profile during last year’s Pensacon. His Heretic Films and Kinematic Entertainment announced that filmmaker Kevin Smith would be the executive producer for their documentary, The Staremaster. A Stairmaster rematch was one of the big events of the Pensacon weekend.

Galecki also is on the Greater Pensacola Chamber Board of Directors.

Stay tuned.

Sugar: The story regarding Hallmark Elementary School has created a buzz and more than a few headaches for Mayor Ashton Hayward.

Attorney Fred Levin said that BLAB TV, Inc. purchased the property from 349 LLC. I checked with Quint Studer, who said that “BLAB” wasn’t his operation and he did not purchase the school.

There is no BLAB TV, Inc. registered with the state. There is a BLAB TV LLC, but its based in Jacksonville. Levin probably meant BLAB TV Network, Inc -which is an active Florida corporation based in Pensacola.

More: Yesterday I reported that Gerald Washington was arrested in Tallahassee for identity theft. I didn’t initially make the connection that Washington was the teenager who got publicity for filing to run for Escambia County Superintendent of Schools.

Only in Escambia County.