The County Project manager’s overview of DPZ presentation on Feb. 11

The entire Committee of the Whole meeting was devoted to the Outlying Landing Field 8 (OLF-8) master plan. The meeting lasted over three hours, and I thought it would be informative to present the transcript from its three segments :

  • County project manager Terri Berry’s overview of the COW presentation
  • DPZ CoDesign’s presentation
  • Questions that DPZ wanted the board to answer.


Berry: “Thank you. My name is Terri Berry and I ended up project manager for an OLF-8 project, and I wanted to thank the board for allowing us to be able to come forward and bring the data that we’ve been working on for the past couple of weeks. And before I hand this presentation over to DPZ, there’s just a few items that I would like to go over.”

Our contract that was written for the County and DPZ was very well written and actually has specific tasks that we need to meet. “

She showed two slides on the OLF-8 Contract.

Berry: “These can change at any time if they need to and there’s a process to do that. And as if we need to add, remove, delete, change, whatever it is, there is a process. For example, the team was asked to do a financial analysis of jobs, which is out of scope work. That required a no cost change order to be generated. I was able to do that, to reallocate funds, to move money from our expense budget to cover those cost.”

Berry: “Today DPZ, and I’m not going to go into it because they’re going to cover it. Because they’re actually going to cover one framework plan with three different plans. They’re also going to go ahead and talk about all of the work that’s been done since our last meeting in December.”

Berry: “One of the things I wanted to talk about, and I’ll put this timeline up there. And I apologize for it being busy, but as you can see, these are some critical dates in there. If any of those dates miss, then we’re probably going to end up having a slip up where, to a 30-day slip to be able to reschedule everything.

So in order for us to be able to meet the schedule everyone needs to work together and that’s going to include DPZ team, county management and the board to be able to meet this schedule.”



Berry: “There are a couple things that we’re going to need from the board today in order to move forward. One is, we need a plan that you would like to move forward into phase three. Those will be presented so we need to know which plan.

We also need to know how many acres you want to reserve for the commerce park so that we can continue to moving forward. Also, we’d like to get some guidance on community input, moving forward.

Also, there’s a list of questions, I think DPZ has sent those questions into the board earlier. They’re looking for some clarification answers or answers for those questions that they’ll be showing during their presentation. And that’s all of that, that I have. So thank you for your time and I’ll hand this over to DPZ. Thank you.”



Commissioner Steven Barry asked, “Who created the actions? Was that our staff? I guess my question would be why we have to talk about the maximum number of acres to reserve for commerce? Or why is it not inverse or something like that?”

Berry: “In order for development service to move forward with their flow, we kind of need to finalize our plans. And to start that process we need to know how many acres we’re going to have. Whether we do it today or at another meeting, we need to have guidance on what we’re going to do.

And I think what they’re going to be showing today, DPZ, is three different plans that show three different sizes of commerce park. All of this is modular. So even if you said you wanted 200 acres today, but six months from now or a year from now, it starts really going and you wanted to go 300 acres, that is modular and we can do that. They just need a format to move forward with for planning and zoning.”

Commissioner Lumon May asked, “Is there a recommendation since staff has done their due diligence on it? Are you or are you bringing recommendations to us or advising us?

Berry: “Not for the planning board, we are not. Not yet.”

The DPZ began its presentation.