The Daily Beast: Anatomy of a Massacre

How I write for the blog, the newspaper and The Daily Beast is very different. Each has a a different audience and each is a different twist on the Billings case. The blog is often posting information as quickly as I get it. The paper lets me be more reflective and go into more depth. The Daily Beast has more punch and is more colorful.

Today’s The Daily Beast article is “The Anatomy of a Massacre”:

With the release Monday of 729 pages of interviews and reports concerning the investigation into the grisly double homicide of Byrd “Bud” and Melanie Billings, parents of 17, a mystery that’s been answered piece-by-piece suddenly comes into fuller view, with details nothing short of haunting. What emerges is a cast of characters reminiscent of those found in a William Faulkner short story—desperate, double-crossing, and living by a code that only they understand.

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