The Price of Peace and Quiet

Hashing out the specifics of a possible noise ordinance, some members of the Escambia County Commission flinched upon hearing the $2,000-plus price tag for decibel readers. Not Commissioner Wilson Robertson, who said the investment would be worth it even at $100,000.

“I’ll tell you right now, I’ve been in hotels where I was ready to go next door and kill somebody,” Robertson told his fellow commissioners. “You need your rest and your sleep.”

The county commission is currently looking into drawing up a noise ordinance. It is looking at the option of using decibel readers to determine if someone is in violation of such an ordinance.

A representative with the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office told the commission that each reader costs about $2,200. He said at least six of the machines would be required.

Commissioner Lumon May said that his district might have better uses for such funds.

“When we have shootings and unsolved murders I’d really like us to keep that in mind as far as allocating revenue as we move forward,” May said.

The commission directed County Attorney Alison Rogers to work with administration, as well as law enforcement and Pensacola Beach officials, to hammer out an optimal ordinance.

Commissioner Grover Robinson joked that a noise ordinance might “keep Commissioner Robertson from shooting anybody.” Robertson replied that “if I shoot’em, they won’t hear anything anymore.”

“I hope you don’t shoot’em in my district, I don’t need any more gunshots in my district,” May said, later adding, “At the hotels in my district, they’re not awakened by loud noise, but by gunshots.”