The Problem with Plastics

From Earth Ethics: Join us for a discussion on “The Problem with Plastics,” at 6 p.m. tonight.  Guest speakers will discuss the impacts plastics and microplastics are having on the environment and our health. We will also discuss the impacts of single-use plastics and what actions we can take to eliminate our use of them.

Guest Speakers are Laura Tiu, Ph.D., and Rachana Shah. Dr. Tiu is a Marine Science Extension Agent with the University of Florida Sea Grant. Her areas of expertise include aquaculture, technology transfer, industry development, and environmental education. Signature projects include the development of an Aquaponics Community of Practice, a group of individuals learning together to advance aquaponics in the region. Dr. Tiu provides leadership for the Florida Sea Grant Aquaculture Working Group with projects focusing on offshore aquaculture, shellfish and baitfish aquaculture, and seafood safety and integrity. She is also working on a micro-plastic awareness project, supports a Florida-friendly fishing guide effort with the for-hire boat captains, and coordinates a series of environmental awareness eco-tours in the panhandle of Florida.

Rachana Shah, Rachana is a systems thinker, zero waste consultant, activist, public speaker, mother of 2 young children, and a proud resident of Queens, NYC (traditional territory of the Lenape Munsee, Canarsie, and Matinecock peoples). Currently, Rachana does zero-waste consulting for corporate offices, residential buildings, and foodservice businesses, helping them plan and launch successful organics collection programs, conducting zero waste audits, and more. Prior to this, Rachana collaborated with schools keen to join NYC’s Zero Waste Schools program so they can begin composting programs and increase awareness of the climate crisis. She is a Beyond Plastics certified Speaker, Climate Reality certified Leader/Speaker, and graduate of the DSNY’s Zero Waste Academy. She has worked in the waste space both domestically and abroad, in waste reduction and climate justice efforts, and has a background in Complex Systems.

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  1. Plastic is a much more severe problem than “climate change.” Sad, there’s no money in doing anything about it.

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