Nearly two-third of new cases in three zip codes

Three zip codes account for 95 of today’s new COVID cases in Escambia County – 62%, nearly two-thirds.

Two are outside the city limits,  include the county’s largest employer and UWF, and fall in the districts of three commissioners, Barry, Bender and Bergosh.

Zip Code 32514 includes the University of West Florida and Ferry Pass – shared by Commissioners Barry and Bender.

Zip Code 32526 includes Beulah, Nature Trail and Navy Federal Credit Union – in Commissioner Bergosh’s district.

Zip Code 32503 includes East Hill and Bayou Texar – shared by Commissioners Bender and May.

Five zip codes account for 75.8% – and include all five county districts.


Zip Cases Cases
Rank Code 25-Jun 26-Jun
1 32514 175 238 63
2 32503 116 134 18
3 32526 116 130 14
4 32512 5 17 12
5 32504 121 130 9
533 649 116

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  1. and most of the population that is getting tested is in these zip codes – other zip codes are not getting tested – you have to give the numbers of people actually getting tested in each code. If no one is getting tested from the other zip codes then of course their number will not reflected majority.

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