Townsend swing vote

It’s a draw for the Council presidency. The decider will be Ronald Townsend.

Sam Hall: Megan Pratt, John Jerralds, PC Wu and Sam Hall

Maren DeWeese: Larry Johnson, Brian Spencer, Sherri Myers and Maren DeWeese.

Big Money is behind Hall. The money guys have lost the mayor’s race and county commission. They are down to controlling state representatives and superintendent of schools. They desperately want to control city council to have some leverage in city affairs. I’m not sure the council president is really that powerful, but these aging lions need something to brag about while smoking their cigars.

Pratt will vote for Hall because the Big Money supports her mom, sister Holly and her. Her biggest stepping outside the lines has been the closing of Bayfront Parkway.

Wu is a Rotarian. The Big Money guys are Rotarians. Wu will follow their wishes.

The rumor is Jerralds has been promised campaign funds to run for Marie Young’s commission seat in 2012 or any other office he desires, except against Rep. Clay Ford.

So that leaves Ronald Townsend. Three times Townsend told this constituents that he would vote against the Big Money guys: Pensacola Promise, Jim Reeves for CMPA board and reprimand of City Attorney Rusty Wells. All three times he went back on his word and voted with the rest of the council.

Prediction: Townsend will vote for Sam Hall. Hall wins the presidency on the second round. Townsend won’t even get a cigar from Hall’s backers.