Why Maren DeWeese wants council presidency?

Press release issued by Councilwoman DeWeese:

I am honored that Council Member Pratt and Council Member-Elect Spencer have nominated me for the role of Council President. I look forward to the Council’s vote on Monday January 10 as Pensacola begins a new era under the Mayor-Council form of government approved by the citizens last year.

Under the new strong mayor form of government, the Council President has the primary responsibility for coordinating the agendas for meetings, assembling and dissemination of supporting materials and chairing the Council meetings.

When I talk with citizens in our community, the two overriding desires I hear are for greater transparency as their elected officials and more efficient and effective meetings.

If elected by my peers, I hope to immediately implement the following standing policies and procedures:

1. Citizens will be able to register to have agendas and supporting materials emailed to their email address as soon as they are posted.
2. Dissolving the present committee structure and working all issues through the Committee of the Whole.
3. Requesting monthly budget briefs of the Mayors office to Council as part of the agenda along with providing Council and the Citizens with monthly budget to actual financial statements.
4. To increase inclusion, allowing citizens one minute each at the beginning of a meeting to request the Council discuss specific issues as part of Council communications or to add the item to the agenda for the next meeting.
5. Allowing Committee of the Whole items approved unanimously to be added, with the approval of Council, to a consent agenda to be presented to Council freeing time to discuss issues requiring further debate.

In my term on Council, I have differed in opinion with my colleagues on issues; however, I have always respected them and their opinions and the opinions of our Citizens as they addressed issues. If elected by my peers, I am committed to fulfilling the responsibilities of the role while improving the efficiency of our meetings and increasing the flow of information to the Citizens.