Trump campaign uses website to bash Clinton

The Donald Trump campaign announced today that it has new website that will target Democrat Hilary Clinton, Not exactly subtle, but subtlety isn’t in the Trump wheelhouse.

In an email blast to his supporters, Trump explained why the new website:

Hillary Clinton is a world-class liar.

This much is a fact. But watching the mainstream media, you would never know it.

They simply refuse to call her on her lies. They’d rather spend their time and energy attacking me. It’s great for their ratings and their bottom line.

We know we cannot count on the media to spread the very important message that Hillary Clinton is a liar and can’t be trusted.

And that’s why we’ve decided to take that message directly to the American people.

We’ve unveiled a brand new website,, and we’re rolling out a series of videos – one on each of her biggest, phoniest fibs and fabrications.

More Escambia County politics must have rubbed off on the Republican Party presidential hopeful during his rally at the Pensacola Bay Center last January than we realized. People have been creating “lying” websites in Escambia County Commission races for the past four years. Fortunately, they have never won a commission race.