Trump wins in Michigan and Miss. makes Florida do-or-die for Rubio

Billionaire Donald Trump dominated the March 8 GOP primaries with wins in Michigan and Mississippi. Sen. Marco Rubio fell behind Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich, although he had spent little time and resources in those states.

The current GOP delegate count is:

Trump: 458
Cruz: 359
Rubio: 151
Kasich: 54

Needed for nomination: 1237

The Florida primary becomes critical to Rubio’s presidential aspirations. His state campaign director, Clint Reed, sent out an email to supporters this morning. Reed said that the Rubio’s ground game in Florida is the strongest and best organized.

“All across the state, from Miami to the Panhandle, we’re seeing incredible enthusiasm from Floridians at a crucial time,” wrote Reed. “Tens of thousands of phone calls are being made every day to win voters over to Marco’s message and get them to cast their votes now or on Election Day. In fact, on any given day, we have hundreds of volunteers working for Marco.”

Reed said the effort is paying off. “Public polling has shown us closing in on Trump, and performing very well in the early vote (which he’s dominated in other states),” he said. “That corresponds with what we’re seeing in our internal numbers, too.”


Sen. Marco Rubio will be Pensacola on Saturday at 7 p.m. at The Fish House to make a big push towards the March 15 primary.