Tweaking of Studer leases begins today

Six days after the Pensacola City Council passed a resolution for the mayor’s office to have an attorney “tweak” the Studer leases approved the CMPA board, the attorneys will meet.

John Daniel of Beggs & Lane represents the mayor’s office. Scott Remington of Clark Partington represents Quint and Rishy Studer.

What will be the tweaks?

Shannon Nickinson of the Studer Community Institute interviewed City COO Tamara Fountain to find out.

Fountain is concerned about the the LLC that will lease the parcels, whether the council or CMPA should approve the purposes for the leases, how the parking will be handled, and how rent will escalate.

Nickinson got Remington’s replies to all those questions, many of which were either answered at the council workshop or in the leases approved by the CMPA.

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