Two more inmates test positive for COVID

The COVID testing “plan” for the Escambia County Jail continues to come up with more positives. This week the county has only tested two prisoners – both were positive.

Since early July, the jail has tested 212 prisoners – 151 were positive, making the positivity rate 71.2%.

The state is upset when the positivity rate for a state prison is around 40%.

Another 1200 prisoners in the Escambia County Jail have yet to be tested. We’ve been told Santa Rosa County has tested over half their inmates. Escambia only about 15%.

Why the cover-up?


3 thoughts on “Two more inmates test positive for COVID

  1. The disturbing fact is that there is no isolation. In the protective (locked down) custody cells (2 man cells), the inmate who tested positive for the virus is sent back with the other inmate who was not tested. And as of 4p.m. today 8/05/2020, 30 inmates were put in with the 12 cells, that means 3 men to a cell. No regard for any safety…. this in inhumane! Court delays unless, you plea out? I have a friend there, they do not want to die! They do not want a free pass, they want to be acknowledged. Showed symptoms, no test when asked to be tested and was handed a bag full of cough meds. Nurse in the infirmary told them that they were not testing, that they are saying everyone just has the virus.

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