U.S. Senate race still a toss up, unless Rubio changes his mind

PPP’s new Florida U.S. Senate poll finds that the race is pretty much undefined, with the candidates largely unknown and ‘undecided’ leading the primaries on both the Democratic and Republican sides.

On the GOP side, all three candidates are bunched up:

David Jolly: 18%
Ron DeSantis: 15%
Carlos Lopez-Cantera: 14%

Undecided: 52%

Name recognition remains the issue. David Jolly and Ron DeSantis each have 37% name recognition, and for Carlos Lopez-Cantera is at 31%.

On the Democratic side:

Alan Grayson: 33%
Patrick Murphy: 27%

Undecided: 39%

The Democratic hopefuls are better known than the Republicans.Grayson has 55% name recognition; Murphy 48%.

According to the post, the general elections match ups lean slightly Democratic at this point, with Murphy generally faring better in them than Grayson. Murphy leads all the Republicans- it’s 40/35 over both DeSantis and Jolly, and 41/35 over Lopez-Cantera. Grayson slightly trails both Jolly (39/36) and DeSantis (37/36), but does lead Lopez-Cantera 41/34.

One thing that could put a wrench in the whole Senate race is if Sen. Marco Rubio makes a late pivot to run for reelection as his Presidential campaign struggles. He would start out with pretty decent sized leads over both Murphy (46/40) and Grayson (48/38) if he ended up making that change in plans.