Underhill no worried about BRAC [podcast]

A Base Realignment and Closure process is coming. Escambia County Commission chairman Doug Underhill isn’t worried after meeting with the Florida Defense Alliance.

“We’re not even talking about BRAC,” said the commissioner on “Pensacola Speaks” yesterday. “And the reason why is because when you have the kind of partnership we have in this community, you don’t have to worry about stuff being taken away from you. You’re thinking more about no matter what the new mission is in America today, Escambia County’s the best place to do that mission.”

He explained why.

“If you’ve got that superior, sustained, relationship that we have developed, then you don’t have to be afraid of something like BRAC. You just keep doing the great work you’re doing, and you’ll do fine in a BRAC situation or outside of a BRAC situation. So our focus is completely on how do we continue to grow and bring mission space to Escambia County.

Here is the podcast of the “Pensacola Speaks” interview. Commissioner Underhill also discusses the upcoming Mission of Mercy dental clinic and the takeaways from the commissioners’ joint meetings with ECUA, School Board and Pensacola City Council.