Underhill to hold three town halls to keep Perdido in D2

District 2 Commissioner Doug Underhill will host town hall meetings Tuesday, Nov. 16, Thursday, Nov. 18 and Friday, Nov. 19 to discuss redistricting. The town halls will be at the below locations:

  • Nov. 16 at 5:30 p.m.: Myrtle Grove United Methodist Church, 1030 N. 57th Ave.
  • Nov. 18 at 5:30 p.m.: The Point Church, 13801 Innerarity Point Road
  • Nov. 19 at 5:30 p.m.: The Beulah Church, 7561 Mobile Hwy

Residents are invited and encouraged to attend the open forum event. The meeting will also be streamed live on Escambia County’s YouTube channel.

The last town hall Commissioner Doug Underhill  held was in June 2018, according to myescambia.com. It was jointly with Commissioner Lumon May at the Brownsville Community Center regarding the possible vacation of  X Street.

It doesn’t look like he’s held any since being re-elected in Nov. 2018. Maybe he should wear a name tag.


6 thoughts on “Underhill to hold three town halls to keep Perdido in D2

  1. Most important meeting to have attended in both of his terms.

    Typical dereliction of duty to the citizens and board who currently reside and will reside or visit over the next 10 years of Escambia counties history.

    The trouble in river city charlatan could not face the board so he shuffled off to play with his face at one of his super critical defining moments of low density sporting (Jet Ski) spectator events.

    7 years to prepare a plan and bone up towards a plus or minus of population that could more or less be predicted with polling station numbers and were made very much available by Mr. Staffords office from the time the census data was in hand.

    Butt pirate moves are his bread and butter while his prime directives are secret money squatting for a promise made to some constituent. Who was that special constituent we are left to wonder.

    Again and again the inlet management plan gets talked about without the super important context that the price to dredge to military specifications is many times the cubic yard price to dredge to commercial depths and the amount of material needed to be dredged will be logarithmically greater is scope for a base that is not anywhere near the infrastructure needed to facilitate large vessel support.

    We are well past the times when a dainty aircraft carrier could service even the meager training needs of NAS Pensacola students
    Lady Lex : Displacement 36,000 long tons
    Length 888 ft (270.7 m)
    Beam 107 ft 6 in (32.8 m)
    Draft 32 ft 6 in (9.9 m) (deep load)
    Gerald R. Ford Displacement 100,000 long tons
    Length 1,092 ft (333 m)
    Beam 252 ft (77 m) (flight deck) – 134 ft (41 m) (waterline)
    Draft 39 ft (12 m)[6]
    Yup and to think underhill might get close to the two Bechtel A1B PWR nuclear reactors, HEU 93.5% enriched uranium powerplants with his anything but stable demeaner is a show stopping horror.

    Can you imagine the growth that will be needed to support a carrier group at NAS Pensacola and what insanity would it be to the crippling lack of range the new 1 of 3 class of AF-35 jets that we will have 1k of soon enough.

  2. He will be documenting more evidence to be used against him. I feel sorry for any staff he drags into these. Who drew the short straw?
    Can the Administrator cancel these waste of taxpayer’s resources?
    He may line up some zombies and cohorts to go on and on at the next hearing then blame the mean ole BCC. — Right out of the playbook he has used over and over yet the gullible will still fall for it.
    Again, he just feeds into drama for his own needs.
    Why did D2 reelect this person in 2018. Look what he did to the county organization, right after, that early in 2019.
    It is incredible how much damage one person can accomplish, hell bent and a legend in his own mind.

  3. Perfect. Doug hasn’t held a district-wide town hall in years, or attended the town halls Alex Andrade has hosted in our district. Now the taxpayers get to foot the bill on three streamed nonsense events?

    As I said at the special meeting on Tuesday, over in the ECW War Room he actually compared himself to Jesus whipping the tax collectors out of the temple per this redistricting item–and all the other corruption he pretends is happening as a smoke screen for his own corruption and downright illegalities during his time as a contractor. While also noting that, if I were Mephistopheles himself wanting to sew as much chaos and destruction as I could in an attempt to maintain relevance and blow things up on my way out the door, I would ask my crayon sharpener to get me a new box and draw up a pretty map with clean lines–look ma, no gerrymandering. Nothing but a visual object to stick in front of his dwindling kool-aid drinkers while pretending it satisfies ANY of the requirements for redistricting.

    I wonder what the Navy thinks of his continued meltdown on his way off the dais, especially after his smokescreen post about being forced out because of his refusal to vaccinate. We may never know the truth about his impending departure, but he ain’t out that door yet. So I guess in the interest of capturing whatever lunacies he throws down in these fake town halls, it’s prudent to have the official video camera on him.

    Keep talking, Doug.

  4. The map is already finalized and the hearings are as formality.
    I hope Bergosh gets Perdido and takes the no trespassing signs down that Underhill and the rest of the thieves put up on the accesses. FEMA funded the berms post Ivan and the renourishment was suppose to happen to protect that federal investment. The inlet plan is still tax money funded. It will behoove the county to make that right. Underhill is a con man on the way out and just wants to cause problems for more attention. What is up with the probable cause hearing with FL ethics commission. He is probably practicing his convincing lies in the mirror as we type. I don’t think it will make a difference at this point. The BOCC and anyone paying attention who is not a part of the corruption has had enough of him. Watch out for him, he is working from a dangerous place like a wounded animal with Narcissistic Injury. He did it to himself. He is a dictim. Acts like a dick then claims he is a victim.

  5. The Florida Constitution’s requirement for county commissioner redistricting is pretty simple, “After each decennial census the board of county commissioners shall divide the county into districts of contiguous territory as nearly equal in population as practicable.” The “contiguous” requirement is listed before the “equal” requirement so presumptively a superior requirement. My college major was geography with a focus on physical geography, cartography (map making) and air photo interpretation. On October 5, County Attorney Rogers gave the BCC a memorandum that described the constitutional requirement for redistricting. That same day, the Florida Association of County’s gave the BCC a 46-page long presentation that did the same. It noted that it was possible for two land masses to be contiguous via a body of water. There is no way to draw even the most creative of lines to connect the current or proposed “District 4 South” (Pensacola Beach) to reach the current or proposed “District 4 North” (southeast corner of City of Pensacola). The line always passes through Escambia County District 2, Santa Rosa County’s territorial waters or the City of Gulf Breeze. On the other hand, Pensacola Beach specifically Fort Pickens is contiguous via Pensacola Pass with Fort McPhee in Perdido Key. If anyone argues that you can get from Fort Pickens to Pensacola by taking the ferry boat on a curving path, or take a helicopter, I still think the best argument is that Pensacola Beach is “most” contiguous to Perdido Key. I don’t care what number you assign but those two places should be in the same district. It makes sense. They are a de facto community of interest with many of the same issues and challenges. Because the Florida Constitution directs that the districts be contiguous, what I describe above should be the starting point. Why was that not done in 2011? I think the answer lies in what Supervisor of Elections Stafford says every time he is asked a legal question, “I am not an attorney.” Maybe the next Supervisor of Elections should be a law school graduate. Districts should be compact and they are not in the proposed badly gerrymandered plan. You cannot gerrymander district lines to protect incumbents but that is mostly what the BCC members have openly talked about at meetings as if they don’t know that their meeting is being recorded and we can hear everything that they are saying as they say it and we are taking notes. Underhill should prepare a new map that puts Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key together, has no gerrymandering, keeps districts compact and puts all of the the City of Pensacola and a little bit more in a single district. That map would be much more believable.

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