Unvaccinated: Covid wave not their fault

Axios-Ipsos index published Tuesda found fewer than 10% of the unvaccinated  blame those who have gotten the vaccine shots for the rise on Covid-19 cases and hospitalization.

Which of the following people or groups, if any, do you blame for the rising COVID-19 cases and speread of the new variants in the U.S.?

Foreign travelers 37%

Mainstream media 27%

Americans traveling aboard 23%

Joe Biden 21%

Donald Trump 11%

Unvaccinated 10%

Conservative media 7.5%


Nearly 80% of vaccinated Americans pin the rise in Covid-19 cases and the spread of new variants in the U.S. on the unvaccinated, according to the poll conducted July 30 – August 2 among 999 U.S. adults.

Three in four (78%) Americans are concerned about the new Delta coronavirus variant with just over half (56%) of the unvaccinated concerned about Delta.



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  1. I blame the Republican Party for downplaying the virus. Deathsantis doesn’t care about the collateral damage, he’s focused on modeling himself as a mini Trump. His worshippers only start to care when they’re hooked up to a vent.

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