Viewpoint: On New Pensacola Bay Bridge

From Charles Crumpton

The replacement of the bay bridge should not be looked at as just replacing the bridge, but as an opportunity to ease traffic flow to I-110 and decrease traffic flow on neighborhood streets..

My idea would also increase the area for people to park boat trailers and create access to both the east and west side of the park . To achieve
this, the south bound lanes of the bridge should start at chase street just before groovin noovins rising just enough so vehicles less that 10
feet tall could pass under. This would eliminate the traffic light and allow for the free flow of traffic. heading south. Once this section is
completed, the new north bound lanes could be started after some of the south bound sections are removed.

The new north bound lanes would parallel the the existing bridge and land on Gregory street near where the city of five flags display is. This would allow movement of cars under the bridge between the tourist information area and the west side the of park. All of this freed up area could be used for boat trailer and truck parking .

The kicker is that you get to keep the old bridge and use it as a second fishing bridge. The only access to the east side coming off the north bound bridge would be the current one land road behind the coast guard station and wrap around into the parking lot. This would accomplish ending all the unnecessary traffic using 17th avenue. It would also greatly reduce the amount of traffic on bayfront parkway.

If you live in east hill imagine how nice it would be to have the speeding traffic eliminated from people cutting through to get to the mall or bayou blvd for that matter . Those drivers would eventually find out how much quicker it is to get to the mall and airport and pace and milton for that matter if only they took I-110, instead of clogging up and speeding on our surface streets. I hope the city council members and county commissions study this plan as it accomplishes so many things that would benefit the community.