Visit Pensacola marketing works, air travel to area up

Visit Pensacola markets the Pensacola area to the world. The latest travel numbers from the Pensacola International Airport validate the tourism agency’s effectiveness.

The airport reported yesterday new monthly record number of passengers in June, with a total of 162,618 individuals arriving and departing the facility–a 7.03 percent increase over last year.

June Enplanements
2017: 80,437
2016: 75,634
2015: 77,204
2014: 75,120
2013: 73,271
2012: 71,773

June Deplanements
2017: 82,181
2016: 75,816
2015: 77,841
2014: 74,282
2013: 72,361
2012: 71,882

June Totals
2017: 162,618
2016: 151,450
2015: 155,045
2014: 149,402
2013: 145,632
2012: 143,655

Pensacola Mayor Hayward said in the a press release that part of the increase was due his administration’s efforts to “elevate the airport experience for our guests, with new routes, and exciting amenities.”

He was quoted in the release: “As a gateway that connects our diverse City to the rest of the world, Pensacola International is a powerful economic engine for our City and the region, providing the best fares along the Gulf Coast.”


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  1. So, how much has it cost the taxpayer for each new passenger. Of course you have to assume that the increase is solely from Visit Pensacola’s efforts alone, which is very unlikely…

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