What did Sam Hall actually report on July 24?

  1. On July 24, his vehicle was parked on Alcaniz St. north of Bayfront Pkwy.
  2. When he got into his car around 2 pm, a city parks truck was in the parking lot across from Bartram Park, also north of Bayfront Pkwy. Hall told the deputy – “the driver was standing outside his vehicle and appeared to be watching him.”
  3. When Hall started driving, the city parks truck followed him up along Bayfront, but not when he turned north on Tarragona.
  4. Hall got on Garden St (it’s not clear in the report that is the only way he could get back on Alcaniz), then north on Alcaniz (which becomes MLK Drive)….a second city parks vehicle followed him. When Hall turned on right on Jordan, the vehicle kept going north.
  5. At the Jordan and Ninth Intersection, Hall saw a third city parks vehicle which didn’t follow him up Ninth Avenue.
  6. I can see why Councilman Hall is suspicious. None of us have ever seen three city park vehicles in a five-minute span….unless they’re in the city garage.

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