What happened to City of Pensacola’s BP settlement funds? You may be surprised

In August 2015, the City of Pensacola announced that it had reached agreement with BP on its oil spill claim. The one-time windfall had the possibility of creating legacy projects if the Hayward administration leveraged the funds with state and federal grants. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen.

Of the total $5.35 million settlement, $2 million went to replenish the city’s Natural Disaster Fund that was depleted after the 2014 flood; $989,669 was split between the city’s attorneys, Levin Papantonio, Beggs & Lane, Morgan and Morgan, Hinkle & Foran, Baron & Budd, and Weitz & Luxenberg (18 percent); and $1.27 million was appropriated to help fund the Corrine Jones/Government Street stormwater project, whose budget had exceeded its grant after the Hayward administration expanded the size of the pond. The balance of $1,094,053.05 remained in the general fund for the mayor to spend as he wished.

Rather than leveraging the funds for possibly another “legacy” project, like Corrine Jones, the funds have been doled to help fund a series of small drainage projects around the city, totaling $781,492.15. Only $312K remain available.

Most recently, Mayor Hayward has been lobbying state lawmakers that city receive a share of the $300-million in Triumph Gulf Coast funds – approximately $12.75 million.

City Administrator Eric Olson last week complained to the Pensacola City Council that city had to go to the county for RESTORE funds.

“So, we missed out on leveraging opportunities,” said Olson. “We can’t pledge it as a match for another grant, so we would really like to have that some guarantee that we’re getting some of that money.”

In 2015, the City of Pensacola had at least a million dollars to pledge as a match for another grant and didn’t do it. Maybe the mayor can leverage the remaining balance.


Settlement 8/21/15  5,351,922.00
Levin Papantonio  989,668.95
Replenish Natural Disaster Fund  2,000,000
Balance for  Government Street Project 9/30/15  2,362,253.05
Actual Government Street Appropriation 1/5/16  1,152,200.00
6/21/16 Escambia County Contamination  116,000.00
Total appropriation  1,268,200.00
Remaining funds  1,094,053.05
Brainerd Street Project  12,000.00
F St & Blount St. Project  43,685.00
A St. & Govt St. Drainage #1  33,155.00
Vickery Center  50,000.00
A St. & Govt St. Drainage #2  1,845.00
Non-Capitalized Assets  13,100.00
Trailer Mounted Well Pump  46,700.00
Corrine Jones Park Stormwater 100,000.00
Carpenter’s Creek 61,477.00
Peacock Dr. Residential Site #1  50,150.18
Baywoods Dr. Residential Site #2 67,539.97
Guillemard, Gonzales & Blount  65,975.00
9th Ave &  Romana STWR  49,865.00
Surveying & Consulting 10,000.00
Lee Street STWTR Mgmt Facility  10,000.00
Sanders Beach Regional STWR  6,000.00
Stanly Ave Inlet  10,000.00
Langley @ Hibiscus  150,000.00
Total spent or appropriated  781,492.15
Balance left  312,560.90

4 thoughts on “What happened to City of Pensacola’s BP settlement funds? You may be surprised

  1. That could be problematic for the Mayor in light of the fact that he moved ahead 10 years of road projects to ALL be completed within his term. It would be even more telling to see, “what companies were awarded ’emergency repair’ contracts that ARE NOT BID OUT and simply awarded for emergency repairs at prices the ‘contractor designates’ without a bid?”

  2. Why didn’t some of those funds go to Carpenter Creek? I realize, according to Mr. Olson, that Carpenter Creek is not a priority for the Mayor’s office. However, the council did not show any interest in any Restore projects within the City limits. I tried numerous times to get the council to discuss the 26 proposed projects that had been submitted to the BCC. When we finally had a meeting to discuss Restore funding, only 3 of the 8 council members attended the meeting. Ultimately, I hold the City Council responsible for any misuse of BP funds.

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