Which is your favorite IN cover story for 2010?

In the sidebar, we have a poll that we are running through midnight Thursday, Dec. 16. We asking readers to pick their favorite cover story for the year.

Here are the links to the options:
THE PURSUIT OF JUSTICE: Inquest into the death of Victor Steen
A CYCLE OF INJUSTICE: Comparison of Steen death with 1974 case of Wendel Sylvester Blackwell.
WHAT TO EXPECT FROM BP: How BP spins disasters
FIGHTING FOR PAPA BEAR: Deepwater Horizon tragedy though the eyes of one victim’s family
WHERE IS BUD BILLINGS’ MONEY? Update on the murders of Bud and Melanie Billings
THE CANDY MAN STUMBLES: Feinberg and Gulf Coast Claim Facility
UNITED WE FAIL: The struggles to agree on regional vision
COMING ASHORE: DeLuna Fest Guide
ON THE HOT SEAT: Tough questions for mayoral candidates
JUSTICE SERVED: Trial of Patrick Gonzalez
BRINGING BOBBY HOME: Missing WWII Pilot Honored by His Nation and Family
ASHTON NEEDS YOU: Readers offer suggestions to first strong mayor
HOODWINKED? The misrepresentations, broken promises and puffery of the maritime park developer