Who worked on Billings investigation?

Sheriff David Morgan opened the noon press conference honoring the men and women at the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office that worked around the clock to solve the Billings murders. He said over the past five days that he had seen the worse in man with the killing of Boyd and Melanie Billings and the best in man in how his department rallied to work on this investigation.

The Billings’ daughter, Ashley Markham, and her husband, Blue, attended the press conference. Sheriff Morgan said that Markham had asked the sheriff to do whatever he could to find the people who committed the crime.

“It is my honor today to tell you, Ashley, and your family, we have found them and they are in custody,” Sheriff Morgan told the Markhams.

The ECSO officers and staff that Sheriff Morgan recognized for their efforts on the investigation are: Captain Bruce Woods, Sgt Buddy Nesmith, Sgt Rusty Hoard, Lead Investigator Tom Watts, Investigator Zack Ward, Investigator Lee Tyree, Investigator Tama Barber, Investigator Bobby Guy, Investigator Terry Hardy, Victim Advocate Robbie Leverette, Analyst Breina Hammond, and
Investigator Chris Baggett