Why is PNJ so vengeful on Ham?

The daily paper’s editorial in today’s paper – Judge Rodgers talked tough, but Ham’s sentence fell short – (sorry, but the link is only good for 7 days) blasts federal Judge Casey Rodgers for not giving Mary Ham a tougher sentence.

The editorial board writes, “Federal District Judge Casey Rodgers failed society in Ham sentence.”

First, the daily invested a lot of front page coverage to the cases of Ham and her boyfriend/business partner Fred Suttles. They made it a bigger news story than most of the public did. (Here’s where I could mention the Escambia fire fighters, but I won’t).

I think their heavy emphasis on the case clouds their judgement. Ham wasn’t party to Suttles conspiracy. Yes, she benefited from them as does the loved one of most criminals, but does she deserve two years more years in federal prison?

I agree with Rodgers’ sentence.